Who We Are


The I Believe World Charity

I BELIEVE WORLD was created in 2017 by Oyakhilome Bello. Through helping his family, he was inspired to believe the actions of one person have the potential to spark a movement. He believes that it is movements created by engaged citizens that can lead to transformative change. Bello believes that people need better, smarter and more effective ways to enact a change and they need greater faith that their voice will make a difference. I BELIEVE WORLD will ignite individuals onto the path of why they were put on this earth and to live for purpose.

At I BELIEVE WORLD we seek a world of hope, endurance and tolerance, where people have overcome and are motivated to be all they are destined to be so they can live with dignity and security. Transformation is key. We believe in urgent action, innovation, and the necessity of transformation within the world and our own organization.

At I BELIEVE WORLD, we recognize that despite all circumstances or challenges, everyone deserves to experience the purest expressions of love and compassion of the Gospel. In doing so, I BELIEVE WORLD seeks to inspire as many individuals that come into our path. We believe that all the beautiful moments of people, as well as the imperfections, are best celebrated and experienced in community.

“Who We Are & Our Charitable Mission”

I BELIEVE WORLD is committed to the dignity of people. We are a global leader within a worldwide movement dedicated to creating a positive difference that will inspire greatness! We provide the resources and platforms to help impoverished, at-risk youth lead quality lives with purpose within their communities. We also convey powerful stories of triumph that show how acts of generosity and beauty can improve lives.

Together, anything is possible.